:Alpha Cons:


System Restart

June 16th, 2oo3

Welcome to the Alpha Con's. Our base needs soem repairs but it should be fully operational. untill then feel free to look about the base.


Stasis Lock

July 14, 2oo1

I apologize. The Alpha con's have been in somewhat of a stasis lock. Our numbers are low. Real life has caught up with us. I never thought id be saying this. But I cant wait for the school year to start. LoL Until then. I will be trying to make the site look better. Load faster. if you are interested in joined please e-mail me. If you have questions or comments suggestions. drop a line on or forum god knows its dieing for some messages. Ill be back with more when I get it.

There isn't really anything hear yet. this will be where the new site will be. your welcome to go look at the kewl little under construction gif. I swore id never use one but this one just rocks.

-5th Evolution-



4th Evolution

June 9, 2oo1

Welcome to the 4th Evolution of the Argoth Virus. During the Great War, Shockwave created this complex virus. He created it in hopes that it would single handedly defeat the Autobots. Sadly,  he created it too complex and it turned on him. During the end of the great war it attacked both Autobots and Decpticons. It was able to infect thier systems and basically take control. Once inside, the Virus would force them into  mutiny or simply to self destruct. The Autobots and Decpticons never found traces of the Virus and usually played it off as something arbitrary. After the Great War the Argoth Virus traveled from bot to con to ship to computer and so forth gathering data, experience and so forth. Its programming grew and over time, it began to develop a semi-Physical form known as §ouless. Just recently, since the formation of the Alpha con's, the Virus has begun to radically evolve. With each evolution the Virus changes entirely keeping all of its previous capabilities. It's Physical form has grown from a mere spark to a floating cloud of techno-organic myst. It's Potential limitless it's future un-charted..._

Two Good bye's, Two Farewells, And One New Light

June 7, 2oo1

Greetings to all. Sadly Vehicon Rhinox was killed in battle recently. He fought valiantly against NightShadow. He like all those who pass though this space; he shall not be forgotten but remembered as his eternal flame burns in the hall of warriors.... 

Other notes Unknown is no longer with us. If you see him; and he engages our allies in battle you have permission to attack him but other than that don't touch him! Period..

 Kalor is and will be MIA for a while as will Vision. I wish them the best of luck. My new 2nd in command is BLUDGEON. For those of you left and for those in the Neocons I hope you greet him with the respect he deserves.


Alliance with the Neocon Empire

May 23, 2oo1

As of 4:01 BB time We are now allies with the Neocon Empire.


 Changes to the site and rosters will be coming as well as new assignments. Also I welcome in the Necons and all other new allies make your self's at home. Also our War on the CA must be sized sadly before it ever really started.

What's New

May 19, 2oo1......_

What's New ? Well I've added a few things to the Nav. 1st off I added the Battle arena for more info go check it out. 2ndly I added the Holo rooms as like before if u want more info go look at it =) and 3rdly I added a join option....*thinks* what an idea *laughs* well anyway get to it start spreading the word that we are here and of course go and FIGHT for Pete's sake but remember Fair fight take your hits don't zip and don't argue if your wrong your wrong fix it and continue. Also 1 more thing I've added the Hall of Warriors for all the warriors that die in service to our cause.


May 13, 2oo1....._

This is a recall on the call to Arms. Notice to all Ac members. Your actions over the last few days is nothing to be proud of ! We are not Raiders we are not hit and runners, we are not the new air command. We are Warriors, Fighters Our goal is to Take out the CA...But you will not act like little kids in the process ! you will not behave Like the Bigboters we all make fun of. If you feel the urge to do that shit go back to Bigbot. You orders are as follows

1. Think about what you are doing here and why

                          2. develop you Char more in depth  

3.Refine your people skills as well as your fighting skills

4.Get Taz a freaking bone or something to chew on

5. report back here one week from this day and post on the Comm. or via personal conversation or E-mail. weather you can hack being in the faction or not !

Call to Arms

May 12, 2oo1........_

This is a Call to Arms ! Prepare your self's equip your self's and head to the battle field. Work together and work alone Fight hard and vicious but don't Zip take your hits don't argue if your wrong just correct your self and move on !! 

Date unknown......._

Welcome to all New Members. Please submit your bios to me ASAP. Also check the new additions. For those of you who wish to participate please inform me but all members are not obligated to cross over. It's not for everyone. Please check the Most wanted often and if you have any additions tell me.



Command line......_Uploading system files... .. .. System files Missing.. .. .._