Neocon and Alpha con Contract

The Alphacon offer, The alphacons take on full neocon status, you will all be required to have profiles and weapons and stats will be reviewed by infokiller and myself, but I'm sure we wont have any problems there. An alphacon division will be set up, this division will be my tactical assault division...they will be responsible for spy missions, and direct tactical assault missions. Every alphacon will have a vote in neocon matters...they will be full neocons and will be treated equally as such. Ranking will be assigned by me, however after initial ranking it will be your duty as alphacon division general to discipline and reward your division as you see fit. The neocons live by a strict honor code...we play by the rules...any of your members seen breaking the rules in battle will be retrained...that is no problem....neocon rules are listed on the homepage. This contract will include neocon acquisition of all territories or cities owned by the alphacons, however these properties will be maintained exactly as they were before acquisition...for instance...we now have control of the north east and south vectors...however while in starscreamus's control they were peaceful...they will remain as such. Neocon membership is like a broadsword...a neocon will lay down his life to save yours...but he expects the same in return, we are decepticons, make no mistake...we fight our foes to the end. Hopefully your response to this message will give me the honor of calling you ... Neocon Alphacon Division General Argoth

Effective as of 4:01 BB time May 23, 2001